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College Prep Academy (9-12)

The College Prep Academy is an incubator for our future thought leaders, innovators, and discoverers. Students in the ninth through twelfth grades receive the support, guidance, and tools they need to make and achieve life and educational goals. Bronx Lighthouse is proud to be a launching pad for a rising generation full of promise.


To and Through College

College matriculation and graduation is the ultimate goal for every scholar who walks through our doors. Our college and career counselors support students in choosing the right college and career pathway. Even after scholars enter college, our dedicated alumni coaches will continue to work closely with our alumni to ensure they thrive and persist.

College and Career Counseling

Our college and career advising begins in middle school. Students participate in trips to college campuses and visit and speak with experts in multiple career disciplines based on their interests. These opportunities expose students and open their minds to endless opportunities.

Our high school students receive one-on-one academic and career advisement throughout the ninth and tenth grades and targeted college matching in eleventh and twelfth grades.

Parent University

Our parent university educates families about the college admission process. We make sure scholars and parents are informed about their options, eligibility for aid, careers, and how to avoid excess debt.

Academic Baseball Cards (ABCs)

We provide our scholars with an academic profile that includes their grade point average (GPA) and ACT and SAT scores. Based on their ABCs, scholars together with their advisor, work to build plans to improve their academic performance.

Advisory Crews

Our college advisory crews are led by our team of eleventh and twelfth-grade advisors. Using student profiles, we create the crews with the goal of grouping students by their academic performance. Using this model, we are able to target and support the specific needs of our students as they prepare for college entrance exams and embark on the college admission process. In addition, we know that “matching well” and going to school with familiar faces (crew) increases the likelihood of graduating in four years.