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Our Approach

At Bronx Lighthouse, we educate tomorrow’s leaders. We believe in the infinite potential of our students. And we believe our responsibility is to guide our students to discover their strengths and refine their weaknesses. We accomplish this by modeling and teaching self-discipline, setting high expectations, and genuinely caring for the students under our stewardship.

What We Expect

Bronx Lighthouse Charter School believes that attention to social/emotional and soft skills development is as important as the academic curriculum. We support our scholars in their capacity to engage collaboratively, be disciplined in their academic and personal pursuits, and contribute in meaningful ways to their community.

Scholar Habits

We support and train our students to develop scholarly routines and patterns and implement these as actionable skills. These important habits steer the social development of our school community.

Active Community Membership (Communaute)

Active Community Membership demonstrated by their ability to identify and make positive contributions to the many different kinds of communities of which they are a part.

Critical Thinking (Pensando)

Critical Thinking as demonstrated by their ability to problem solve, make decisions, and consider multiple strategies and perspectives when answering questions, approaching challenges, and interacting with others.

Effective Communication (Sadarwa)

Effective Communication demonstrated by their ability to read, speak, listen, and write with clarity, accuracy, authenticity, and conviction across various domains.

Self-Direction and Self-Management (Dominium)

Self-direction and Self-management demonstrated by their ability to take initiative with their learning and work, ask and answer questions, and understand that they are ultimately responsible for their future.


We believe in the profound impact an educator can have on the life of a child. Great teachers cause a ripple effect that supports scholars well beyond the years they spend in that teacher’s classroom. At Bronx Lighthouse, we challenge our teachers to create amazing learning spaces and experiences for scholars that will stay with them for life.

Our teachers understand that scholars from historically underperforming communities need educators who are fully committed to their growth over time. They don’t allow external factors and previous performance determine future performance.

At both BLCS Lower Academy and BLCS College Preparatory Academy, our teachers are governed by essential values. These values guide our decision making and approach to how we work within the school community.

  • Lower Academy Values (Link to Values)
  • College Preparatory Academy Values (Link to Values

Safe Environment

We believe that structure and creativity work in concert with each other. In order for scholars to take risks and be active participants in the learning process, we have to create classroom environments that are predictable, orderly, and physically and emotionally safe. In order to achieve this, we implement the following practices:
  • Maintain small class sizes of 20 to 24 scholars.
  • Apply clear and consistent routines across school and grade levels.
  • Abide by a school uniform policy
  • Expect our scholars to adhere to defined norms and values.
  • Employ a director to oversee and uphold our school culture.
  • Utilize the expertise of our 10-person student development team.