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Our Stories

My favorite thing about Bronx Lighthouse Charter School is that the teachers work so hard for their students to learn. The teachers are really nice and respectful to the students.

— Priangsu Nath in 5th Grade

believe that BLCS is an amazing place to be because we learn engaging things and also grow strong connections with our teacher and peers. Not only do we take core classes like Math, ELA, and Science, we also have tech and graphic designs. We can get an insight on how the websites we depend on or cartoons we like are formed. BLCS is an amazing and outstanding place to be.

— Felicia Conduah in 8th Grade

What I like about Bronx Lighthouse College Prep Academy are the clubs we have. They are fun and our academic learning isn't affected by them. I like the fact that we are all family here and that I have the opportunity to learn in a good environment. I like this school because we are prepared for the future in all ways. BLCPA makes school fun, while making sure we learn and succeed.

— Maryann Gonzalez in 9th Grade

Ms. Ahmed teacher at BLCS
As a teacher at BLCS, it does not feel as if I am coming to work everyday, it feels like I am coming home every morning. Seeing and building upon my scholars' knowledge leaves me with a sense of purpose and accomplishment at the end of each school day.

— Ms. Ahmed/ 7th Grade ELA Teacher