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If you are a family/student who believes in the power of education and working hard to achieve your goals, then you belong at Bronx Lighthouse. Here’s how to become part of our educational family:

Application and Enrollment

• Lottery preference to siblings

• Lottery preference to scholars residing in Community School District 12

• Bronx Lighthouse Charter School - a K - 12 public charter school - the only school your child will need until they go to college!

• Robust college and career advising team to ensure your child is successful with the skills and knowledge they need to get to and through college

• Bilingual staff available to support with your questions, concerns, and needs

• Online application support, as well as paper applications, available at the school - feel free to call or walk in for any assistance needed

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Enrollment FAQs

Navigating the application and enrollment process can seem tricky. We’re here to help you through, starting with the answers to the questions we hear the most. View our FAQs, and if we haven’t answered your questions, please give us a call.